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Laser Marking Machine

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Black Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Protection Cover

Application materials:

Aluminum、Stainless Steel、ABS、Brass、Carbon Fiber、Carbon Nanotube、Cobait Chorme Steel、Copper、Colored Delrin、Diallyl Phthalate、Santoprene、Silicon Steel、Gless Filled PPEK、Gless Filled Telfon、Magnesium、Metal Plated Ceramics、Molybdenum、Mild Steel、Nylon、Polybutylene Terephthalate、Polysulphone、PET、Silicon Carbide、Silicon Wafers

Product Features:
1. High speed with galvanometer
2. Small volume, light weight
3. Low power, consumption power is less than 500w.
4. completely air cooling, low power consumption.
5. No influence of the severe environment temperature change .if no power, battery and car cigarette lighter can be used for working.

Technical Parameters:

Laser wavelength1064nm
Engraving Line Speed≤7000mm/s
Repeat Precision±0.002
Minimum Line Width0.01mm
Minimum Character0.15mm
Power Supply90-260V/50Hz-60Hz
Marking The Maximum Height300mm
Standard Engraving Range110*110mm/140*140mm/300*300mm and Optional
WarrantyWindows Systems
Engraving Depth12 months
InstructionsOperate the video/The instruction book
Graphic Format SupportedAI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP,lAS